Persuading customers to choose your quote from the competitions is hard enough at the best of times.

But in a crowded market to have any chance of winning jobs, small to medium glaziers and builders must show some credibility and competence in relation to the products and services they offer.

Customers are looking for signs that you and your business are serious in what you are doing. Undoubtedly they will want to see information about the products you may sell to them.

Whether this information takes the form of a website or hard copy brochures (or both) it’s a fact that your chances of securing the job is increased when you have these basic selling tools to show to your customer.

Some small to medium size glazing or building companies usually make do with generic booklets or brochures to promote their products. But what could you do to improve your marketing efforts to increase your chances of winning more jobs?

Website Content Requirements

  • Full details of the products including performance numbers like U value, Air, Wind and Water classification, sightlines, security etc
  • Photos of completed jobs – even if you do not have great photos of jobs you have personally Installed, the window system company should be able to provide great photos of completed jobs to showcase the products you offer.
  • Customer testimonials are a great way to show competence to would be new customers
  • Professional looking email address – By having a named website you can use the associated email address so rather than you would use
  • Case studies – showing before and after photos of completed jobs along with customer comments are a great way to prove to potential customers that you understand their needs and concerns and can give them the outcome they desire.
  • Accreditation and industry group membership logos – whether for well-known nationwide schemes or just local business groups – are a great way to add credibility to your website and help convince customers to contact you.

Company Brochures

  • Personalised to your company with colours that are consistent with the website and other marketing items.
  • Consistent layout of the various products you offer with clear understandable performance specs in plain English. Remember the customer may not understand trade jargon like U values so simplify it as much as possible by including an explanation in layman’s terms.

Quote Forms, Order Forms, etc

  • Quote Forms – Often overlooked but crucial part of the sales process is the layout of the quotation you send to your customer. Will they understand the technical jargon? Is your current quotation document jargon free?
  • Order Forms – Whilst this must clearly list all of the agreed items including colour, opening styles, locking type etc, again this should be easy for the customer to understand.
  • Both quote and order forms should contain clear Terms and Conditions that set out in simple language the scope of products and services within the contract. This can be very important should disputes arise.
  • Warranty Form – Customer Guarantees are usually based around what your supplier offers in terms of products, but Installation guarantees are usually explained by the individual Installation company.

Here are some examples of product brochures that can be personalized to suit your company:  (click cover image to download)

We have a large library of website content that we can share with you if you already have a website and could even build you a new website from scratch depending on your requirements.

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