At Luxal, we’re not just about crafting the finest Reynaers aluminium windows and doors; we’re about ensuring they stand the test of time. While our products are designed for durability, a touch of care and the right products can enhance their lifespan and keep them looking pristine. Here’s a deep dive into maintaining your Reynaers aluminium installations with the best products and practices.

Why Maintenance Matters for Reynaers Aluminium Installations Every window and door, irrespective of its material, benefits from periodic care. With Reynaers aluminium products, this doesn’t mean constant attention but rather informed and timely upkeep. Depending on their exposure and usage, the maintenance can range from regular to infrequent.

Decoding ‘Low-Maintenance’ ‘Low-maintenance’ often suggests minimal repainting. While this is true for Reynaers aluminium and PVCu products, any damage to the paint or finish should be addressed promptly to prevent potential issues like oxidation.

Essential Products for Your Reynaers Aluminium Installations


  • Ideal for lubricating systems like windows, doors, and sliding windows, as well as specific parts like rails and brushes of sliding systems.
  • Recommended usage is once a year, but more frequent applications might be needed based on usage.


  • A user-friendly solution that effectively removes organic residues, insects, grease, dirt, and resins.
  • Especially suitable for cleaning large surfaces, making it perfect before a building hand-over.
  • It releases dirt for easy removal.


  • An all-in-one renovation oil designed for the maintenance and restoration of installed aluminium surfaces, whether powder-coated or anodized.
  • Offers protection against corrosion and adds a shine.
  • Creates a protective film on the surface.


  • A touch-up stick designed specifically for powder-coated profiles.
  • Available in all RAL colours, ensuring a perfect match for any touch-ups.
Reynaers Aluminium Products

Reynaers Aluminium Products

Best Practices for Maintaining Reynaers Aluminium Products:

  1. It’s crucial that any repair works are carried out by the supplier of your systems to ensure the system guarantee remains intact. Your Reynaers professional has the qualified personnel and specialized tools needed for maintenance or repair works.
  2. Always replace hardware parts of the Reynaers system with original parts provided by your Reynaers installer.
  3. If you have questions not covered in this guide, reach out to your local Reynaers professional. They can offer detailed advice on the operation, care, and maintenance of your Reynaers window and door systems.
  4. During maintenance, consider the physical properties, especially the direct contact between glass, sealing components, silicone, and façade elements.

Final Thoughts from Luxal As the proud manufacturer of Reynaers aluminium products, Luxal ensures each piece is crafted to perfection. With the right care and maintenance products, your installations will not only last but continue to shine and perform optimally.

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