CP130 Premium Aluminium Lift & Slide Doors from Reynaers

Highly functional, durable Sliding Patio Doors with great aesthetics and an effortless sliding mechanism

Very Easy Installation

CP130 Lift & Slide is extremely easy to install, and we offer a booklet containing everything you need to know in a simple step-by-step guide.

Fast Delivery

Standard colours are available for delivery just 2 weeks from order: Grey, White or Black

Safety & Security

CP130 Lift & Slide patio doors are protected by a state-of-the-art multi-point locking system, plus an ingenious anti-lift design which keeps your customer’s home secure at all times.

Innovative Design

CP130 offers a special corner solution which makes it possible to open up spaces without any fixed corner element – creating a perfect and clear continuity between the indoor and outdoor spaces.

Open Corner Option

The  CP130 offers a special corner solution which makes it possible to completely open up spaces without any corner element – creating a perfect and clear continuity between the indoor and outdoor spaces


Maximum Panel Width


Maximum Height


Maximum Vent Weight


Vent-to-Vent Sightline


Low Sightline Gaskets


Contemporary Square Edge look


34mm Threshold

Technical Specifications
U ValueUf-value down to 2.35 W/m2K, depending on the profile combination
Max Glazing Thickness43mm
AirUp to Class 4, 600pa
WaterUp to Class E750 (750 Pa)
Burglar ResistanceRC2
Document LCompliant

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Sliding Patio Doors Gallery

In the world of architectural innovation, Luxal’s Reynaers CP130 Sliding Patio Doors stand as a testament towhat happens when form meets function in spectacular fashion. These aren’t just doors; they’re portals tomodern living, a blend of design finesse and engineering prowess.

Versatility Personified: With options for double or triple tracks, the CP130 sliders adapt to your vision,accommodating diverse architectural styles with ease.

The Art of Precision: Choose from a 50mm or 69mm interlock for multiple opening panels, a detail thattransforms space and perception.

Effortless Elegance: The smoothest Segenia gearing in the CP130 delivers aneffortless lift and slide function, asilent yet powerful statement of luxury.

Strength in Silence: Capable of lifting 300kg per panel, these doors don’t just open spaces; they hold worlds,effortlessly.

With the Reynaers CP130 Slider, Luxal isn’t just offering a product; they’re crafting an experience. A doorway notjust to gardens or patios but to a new realm where design harmonizes with function, and elegance is as muchabout what you feel as what you see