Hey there, fellow Installer! Let’s talk about filling gaps around aluminium frames.

As you know, silicone is a great go-to for filling gaps and providing a weather seal. But what do you do when the gaps are irregular due to out of square apertures or when you need to cover an old silicone line?

Well, have you considered using aluminium trims? Just like with PVCu doors and windows, the right colour matched trim can do wonders in providing a clean and seamless appearance.

Fixing methods

Silicone is my preferred method, as it’s easy and effective. When done correctly, it looks like part of the frame, and you don’t need to seal from trim to frame separately. Just put a neat line of silicone on the edge of the full length of frame where the trim will sit, and after applying the trim, you’ll have a hidden silicone weather seal.

Double-sided tape is a popular method, but it can create a gap between frame and trim making sealing between the two tricky. Sometimes trims fitted with tape has been known to pop off and leave a gap in times of hot weather, and it increases the height of the gap between the trim and the frame. If you do use tape, be careful when applying silicone and “fingering” for a smooth finish, as air bubbles can make the silicone line unequal.

The screw fix method is popular in the commercial sector but may not be preferred by homeowners due to the appearance of visible screws/cover caps. However, screw fixings can provide a secure and long-lasting fix, especially for larger or heavier trims.

You might have noticed that there is a lack of availability of aluminium trims specifically designed for finishing off aluminium frames. I’ve even seen dodgy Installers use PVCu trims on an aluminium frame!

Flat trims are usually 2-3mm thickness and come in various widths, including 25mm, 40mm, and 80mm usually stocked in Grey, Black & White.

In addition, there are also angle trims available for covering gaps in corners or where the frame meets the brick or block. These trims come in various sizes to suit different applications.

Whether you choose a flat or angle trim, it’s important to choose the right size and shape for the job at hand. This will ensure a clean and professional finish and provide an extra layer of protection against the elements.

To achieve a neat and professional finish around aluminium frames its important to make the customer aware that sometimes trims will be required and to ensure you add on extra to the price to cover trimming costs.

Get in touch if you need a quote for aluminium trims and Happy fixing!

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