Easy to Sell, Even Easier to Install

Reynaers’ CF68 is The Best Bifold Door you can get – at a Price Point Every Customer Can Afford.

"Main Door" Option

Configure the first panel as an entrance door without affecting the other folding panels.   The entrance door is equipped with a lockable handle on both sides, so it can be accessed from the outside without compromising security.

Slim Sightlines

With a glass-to-glass mid-section of just 131mm, CF68 provides the super-slim sightlines to allow maximum glazed area for a gorgeous contemporary design.

High Quality Hardware

The higher the quality of your hardware, the fewer problems your customers will have in future years and the easier your life will be.  CF68 comes with premium quality hinges, steel rollers, guides and other integral components to ensure things go smoothly from Day 1.

Great Threshold Options

CF68 bifold doors come with incredible threshold technology which provides the highest performance weatherproofing even with low thresholds: 0-15mm is available, and at just 23-44mm the Double Weather Seal has 300Pa of water tightness.


Maximum Leaf Width


Maximum Height


Maximum Vent Weight


Vent-to-Vent Sightline


131mm Glass-to-Glass Sightline across 2 meeting doors


Contemporary Square Edge look


Low Sightline Gaskets

Technical Specifications
U ValueUf-value down to 1.4 W/m2K, depending on the profile combination
Max Glazing Thickness55mm
AirClass 4, 600pa
WaterUp to Class 9a (600 Pa)
Burglar ResistanceRC2
Document LCompliant

More Information

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