At Luxal, we’ve harnessed the insights and lessons gained from hands-on fieldwork, transforming them into an influential force in our manufacturing operations. Our past as installers offers us a unique perspective, facilitating the development of exceptional products in collaboration with trusted partners such as Reynaers and Siegenia. Among these products, the Reynaers CP130 Sliding Aluminium Door stands as a testament to our commitment to quality and reliability.

A Decade of Durability and Style

Reynaers CP130 Sliding Aluminium  Door
Reynaers CP130 Sliding Aluminium Door showing an open corner configuration

The Reynaers CP130 has proven to be a true game-changer. Installed in homes over a decade ago, these doors are still standing strong. They continue to impress homeowners with their effortless functionality and timeless aesthetics, further building our confidence in Reynaers’ systems. This long-term performance speaks volumes about Reynaers’ understanding of design and longevity.

Prioritizing Function and Aesthetics

Working with Reynaers has shown us their dedication to balance. Their designs are not only visually appealing but also functional, simplifying our jobs and ensuring customers receive long-lasting products.

Reliable Hardware from Siegenia

When it comes to hardware, Siegenia is our trusted partner. Their robust components – from rolling gear to locking mechanisms and handles – have stood the test of time, enabling us to deliver top-performing doors that make us proud.

Maintenance and Durability

Reynaers has shown a strong focus on post-installation life, creating systems that are easy to maintain. From UV-resistant coatings to aluminium profiles that require just a simple clean now and then, they’ve considered the product’s journey long after installation.

A Guarantee You Can Trust

We stand by our products. That’s why we offer a ten-year system warranty on all Reynaers Aluminium profiles, lacquer or anodisation layer, and integrated insulation. And for Siegenia’s hardware accessories, we offer a five-year warranty. Our confidence in the long-term performance of our doors is something we want to share with our customers.

A Decade of Success

Looking back at the last decade of installations, we’re pleased to see the longevity of the CP130 doors. This success reaffirms our trust in Reynaers’ designs, Siegenia’s hardware, and our own craftsmanship. We’re in this together, helping fellow installers do their best work with products that won’t let them down. Trust Luxal for products that stand the test of time, and let’s continue to create and install excellent products together.

Reynaers CP130 Lift & Slide Door
Reynaers CP130 Lift & Slide Door in a lovely restaurant

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