SL38 has super-slim sightlines – and industry-leading efficiency with a 3 chamber insulation system

Extreme Energy Efficiency

The high thermal performance, down to a Uf-value of 1.4 W/m²K, is achieved by the use of a 3-chamber insulation system for a high level of wind and water tightness.

Flexible Style

With a choice of 3 distinctive modern frame designs (with matching windows), it is easy to fit SL38 into any contemporary new build or renovation project.

Slim Sightlines

Incredibly slim sight lines of just 102mm from Jamb to Glass.

Down to 1.4

U-Value (W/m2k)


Maximum Width


Maximum Height


3 Chamber Insulation System


Choice of 3 modern designs


Double or Triple glazing options

Technical Specifications
U ValueDown to 1.4W/m2k
Windows Energy Rating (WER)A
AirClass 3, 600pa
WaterClass 4A, 150pa
WindClass C3, 1200pa
Document LCompliant

Sleek and Elegant

With its minimalist frame and ultra-slim profiles, Reynaers at Home’s SL38 combines elegant design and stability with market-leading energy efficiency.

The SL38 system is available in 3 very different minimalistic design variants – Classic, Ferro and Cubic – to perfectly match the architectural aspects of any home.

These beautiful windows and doors can be provided with double or triple glazing without using the ultra-slim look.




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SL38 offers super-slim sightlines, 3 modern design options and excellent thermal performance.