Uncover the potential of advanced sliding door systems at our factory – showroom in Manchester.

Our goal is to help architects and clients appreciate the benefits of high-quality systems. When chosen wisely, these can enhance contemporary home designs, offer long-lasting performance, and provide unmatched ease of use.

We warmly invite architects and their clients to visit our showroom. Here, they can experience first-hand the remarkable capabilities of large aluminium sliding doors and gain the knowledge to choose the perfect solution to elevate their contemporary home designs to new levels of luxury and sophistication.

99% Glass

The incredible 99% Glass-to-Frame ratio offers stunning aesthetics and almost uninterrupted views.

750kg Moving Glass

HiFinity’s superior engineering copes effortlessly with moving glass panels of up to 750kg (5m x 3m).

Unique Adjustable Meeting Section

Now you can get perfect operation even when there’s a slight variation on site substrates.

U-Value down to 0.75

HiFinity achieves a coveted Minergie rating to keep your customers’ energy bills down and their comfort up.