Sliding Patio Doors

Our durable Sliding Doors are machined from Premium Aluminium for a High Quality Finish

We offer 2 fantastic Sliding Door systems: The cost-effective CP130 and the stunning HiFinity range



Imagine a 10-metre-wide 2-panel-door with over 99% glass and less than 1% aluminium in your sightline.  That’s HiFinity.


Highly functional, durable Sliding Patio Doors with great aesthetics and an effortless sliding mechanism.

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Sliding Patio Doors Gallery

Reynaers’ range of sliding doors is not just a collection of products, but a showcase of engineering and design brilliance. The typical width of a sliding door from Reynaers is 3 meters, often comprising a fixed element and a sliding element, offering both stability and flexibility in design.

HiFinity & MasterPatio: These series are known for their grandeur and cutting-edge technology. They offer hardware gearing options, including lift & Slide or a simple Inline Sliding mechanism. The Inline sliding style, in particular, allows for glass-to-glass corners, enhancing transparency and visual appeal. Adding to their allure, both HiFinity and MasterPatio offer automation options, using motors to open and close the doors at the touch of a button, blending luxury with convenience.

ConceptPatio 68 (CP68): This range is uniquely suited for indoor applications or as a replacement for traditional materials. Its front-to-back depth size is a perfect 68mm, closely mimicking the dimensions of traditional wooden or PVCu frames, making it an ideal choice for renovations or interior designs that require a sleek, modern touch while fitting within traditional dimensions.

ConceptPatio CP130: A blend of aesthetic functionality and practicality, the CP130 offers a comprehensive selection with various opening types. It balances high performance with affordability and features a renovation-friendly low threshold profile, making it versatile for new constructions and refurbishments.

Each of these systems by Reynaers brings something unique to the table, whether it’s the automation of HiFinity and MasterPatio, or the sleek, renovation-friendly dimensions of CP68, or the low threshold and functionality of the CP130 demonstrating Reynaers’ commitment to innovation and excellence in sliding door solutions.