Our aluminium windows are exactly what your customers are looking for – modern, energy-efficient and secure.

Choose from our great range of Premium Quality Aluminium Windows – All made to order in our Manchester factory.


SL68 Slimline

With sightlines of just 65mm Outer-to-Sash and 110mm Sash-to-Sash – SL68 beats most other systems hands down.  And the prices are unbelievable too.

Eco System

Eco System is a high performance aluminium system that combines aesthetic design with energy efficiency.


Reynaers CS68 aluminium windows have everything that your customers want – at a price they’ll be happy to pay.


CS77 is the perfect solution to any glazing project – versatile, secure and high thermal insulation performance.

CS104 Passivhaus

With patented insulation technology CS104 achieves unparalleled insulation values for aluminium in the building industry.

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