Our aluminium windows are exactly what your customers are looking for – modern, energy-efficient and secure.

Choose from our great range of Premium Quality Aluminium Windows – All made to order in our Manchester factory.


SL68 Slimline

With sightlines of just 65mm Outer-to-Sash and 110mm Sash-to-Sash – SL68 beats most other systems hands down.  And the prices are unbelievable too.

Eco System

Eco System is a high performance aluminium system that combines aesthetic design with energy efficiency.


Reynaers CS68 aluminium windows have everything that your customers want – at a price they’ll be happy to pay.


CS77 is the perfect solution to any glazing project – versatile, secure and high thermal insulation performance.

CS104 Passivhaus

With patented insulation technology CS104 achieves unparalleled insulation values for aluminium in the building industry.

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In the dynamic world of aluminium window and door manufacturing, Luxal stands as a paragon of precision and accountability, deeply rooted in its 25-year legacy. Their journey, marked by continuous learning and technological advancements, exemplifies their commitment to excellence.

At the heart of Luxal’s operations is their unwavering dedication to continuous training, particularly from the Reynaers technical team. This ongoing education ensures that every member of the Luxal family is not just proficient but an expert in the latest industry practices. It’s a philosophy that underpins their craft, ensuring that every product isn’t just made but masterfully created.

The use of Computerised Numerical Control (CNC) machinery at Luxal is not just a choice; it’s a statement. This technology allows for greater precision and superior finish outcomes, elevating their products from mere aluminium windows and doors to embodiments of fine craftsmanship. It’s this attention to detail that sets Luxal apart, as they merge technology with artistry.

Accountability at Luxal is reinforced by a sophisticated barcode tracking system, complemented by CCTV. This innovative approach allows them to pinpoint when and where mistakes occur, turning each error into a learning opportunity. This methodical tracking leads to continuous improvement, a cornerstone of their business ethos.

The workforce at Luxal, many of whom have been part of the journey since inception, brings a sense of loyalty and expertise that’s rare in today’s fast-paced world. Their experience and dedication are the backbone of Luxal, ensuring consistency and quality in every product.

Luxal’s commitment to quality extends to their choice of suppliers. For non-Reynaers items like Glass Insulated Units, they collaborate with System 3, a partner mirroring their superior manufacturing standards. This selection, driven by a quest for excellence rather than cost-efficiency, ensures that their products are not just durable but also a testament to quality, where warranties are not mere marketing phrases but a promise of enduring quality.

Moreover, Luxal’s in-house transport system exemplifies their dedication to customer satisfaction. This logistic autonomy enables them to work closely with trade customers, ensuring that orders are not just completed but delivered on time, whether to a site or a workplace. It’s this comprehensive approach, from manufacturing to delivery, that makes Luxal not just a manufacturer, but a reliable partner in the aluminium window and door industry.

In conclusion, Luxal’s blend of continuous training, technological precision, accountability, a loyal workforce, carefully selected suppliers, and an efficient in-house transport system, all converge to make them more than just a manufacturer. They are a symbol of quality and reliability in the world of aluminium window and door manufacturing, standing as a testament to what dedication and commitment to excellence can achieve over a quarter of a century.