Easy to Sell, Even Easier to Install

Aluna Slim Bifold Door A Bifold with Premium Features As Standard

No extra for Marine Grade Paint

Marine-Grade Paint – Included In the price as standard

Our Aluminium Bifold Doors are coated with marine-grade paint, offering exceptional durability.

Slim Sightlines

With a glass-to-glass mid-section of just 107mm, Aluna provides the super-slim sightlines to allow maximum glazed area for a gorgeous contemporary design.

High Quality Hardware

PAS24: 2022 compliant for security

Energy efficiency rated U-values as low as 1.1 U W/m2K and Door Energy Rated (DER) B to meet Part L requirements

Market-leading maximum sash size of 1200mm x 3000mm

Faster Installs = Happy Installers

Clip-in Beads

Pre-gasketed clip-in beads ensure a secure and weatherproof seal for enhanced insulation.

No On Site Gasketing

All gaskets are factory fitted in the sash. Throw away those gasket shears!

Fully Assembled – Included In Price

Our aluminium bifold doors are engineered for convenience and efficiency, arriving at your doorstep fully assembled. This thoughtful delivery means you can enjoy faster, hassle-free installation.


Maximum Leaf Width


Maximum Height


Maximum Vent Weight


Vent-to-Vent Sightline


Police preferred specification – Secure By Design


60% thicker, more durable key


£5,000 security guarantee

Technical Specifications
U ValueEnergy efficiency rated U-values as low as 1.1 U W/m2K and Door Energy Rated (DER) B to meet Part L requirements-value down to 1.4 W/m2K, depending on the profile combination
Max Glazing Thickness44mm
AirClass 4, 600pa
WaterUp to Class 9a (600 Pa)
WindA3 (1200; 1/150)
Burglar ResistancePAS24: 2022 compliant for security
Document LCompliant

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